What is HABSM about?


Engaging Texas College Students

Texas is an amazing place to be involved in the lives of college students.  It is estimated that there are more than 1.6 million students in Texas, making it second only to California in the number of students studying on our campuses.  Of that 1.6 mission, more than 261,000 students make their home in the Houston area, making Houston the largest university city in our state.

To Follow Christ

Our passion is that every single student in the Houston area have the opportunity to hear the good news that God loves them and desires for them to experience life to the fullest.  We are committed to sharing life with them as they are on their spiritual journey.  We believe that as they allow God to take His rightful place on the throne of their lives that they will begin an adventure of faith that will follow them all of their lives.  This involves growing as His followers, becoming involved in the larger Body of Christ, becoming Missional in their lifestyle and using their God given gifts in appropriate ways.

And transform the world

We believe that the youthful energy and passion of college students is God’s gift to His world.  Many of the great movements of God have started on the university campus and we believe it can happen again.  But regardless of whether or not we see what might be seen as a larger movement of the spirit, every single day, students transform their world.  Whether or not it is investing in the child in the 3rd Ward or being a part of a mission trip away from home or sharing with the international student, students are making a difference.


Houston Area BSM

More than 1 million students study on Texas campuses! What an incredible challenge and opportunity. Since 1907 Baptist Student Ministry (changed from Baptist Student Union in 1995) has been the outreach arm of the local church on the university campus. And God has blessed. In the state of Texas alone the lives of over 43,000 students were impacted by BSM. With a vision of calling students “from the harvest, for the harvest”, Baptist Student Ministry continues to seek to share the gospel to each new student generation, calling individuals to respond to the moving of the Spirit of God and challenging them to be wholly committed followers of Jesus Christ, using their gifts and talents to impact their campus, their city and their world for the kingdom of God.

Today with over 200,000 students, more students study in the Gulf Coast area (primarily in Houston) than in any other city in the state. That number will continue to soar. Already, in the greater Houston area there are well over 250,000 students! Houston is home to the third largest major university in the state and the most ethnically diverse major research university in the nation. We are home to the largest community college system in the state and the one of the premier historically black universities. Internationals from more than 115 nations call Houston home for a season of their lives in a time when they are especially open to the gospel. Houston is a university city like none other in our state!

Although the sheer number of students and schools in our area is daunting, God continues to call out committed Christian students to minister on their campus. In partnership with local churches, HABSM (Houston Area Baptist Student Ministries) gives these students an opportunity to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, a place to exercise their spiritual gifts and people who will help mentor them as Christian leaders. In addition, HABSM ministries provide a safe, open environment for those who are not yet believers, but who are seeking spiritual answers to find those answers.

Will you partner with us in this ministry? We are looking for churches and individuals who desire to change the future by touching the lives of students today. Whether opening your home to an international student, volunteering on a local campus or being a prayer partner for local ministries, we need you!